10 best fashion tips: The only style advice you need

10 best fashion  tips
Want to look stylish just in a couple of minutes? Or getting confused reading tons of Internet websites on fashion tips? We know that it can be difficult to focus only on thing. So, here is your guide to revamp your wardrobe with these best fashion tips.

  1. Know your body:
  2. Always make sure you know your measurements before heading out for shopping. This will not only will it cut down the time you spend trying on clothes, it will help you choose outfits that fit your body perfectly. Measure your bust, chest, hips and waist.

  3. Don’t go too tight or too loose:
  4. When you look for dresses and do not go for too tight ones as they may give you problem later. And also do not go for lose ones because you will end up looking baggy and funny.

  5. Make sure you can walk in them:
  6. For fashion, many people sacrifice the comfort zone. After all, four inch heels guarantee that legs-for-miles look. But if it looks better than it actually feels on your foot, you probably won’t wear it. Don’t waste your money on pain.

  7. Go timeless for fashion:
  8. Fashion can be anything. It need not be things that others wear. In fact you can start your own fashion statement by following a good trend. It’s nice to have something fresh and exciting to spice up the wardrobe. But nothing beats timeless style.

  9. Always rely on black dress:
  10. Whether it is a black tie event or an informal party, a little black dress always comes in handy. If all you can afford in your closet is a little black dress, it’s the one look that will take you just about anywhere and there are many ways to pull it off.

  11. Do not be a fashion victim:
  12. What happens many a times is that we tend to follow too much of fashion all at once. So this shows that we are trying too hard on it. It crosses the line from having a great personal style to becoming a fashion victim.

  13. Organize your closet:
  14. It may be difficult task, but try it once. This way you will be able to see what you own and can actually wear it. Figure out what what can be folded neatly and what could be hung. Make sure you get the right hangers for shirts, skirts and pants. Use storage shelves to store your purses and intimates and buy a shoe rack.

  15. Buy an iron:
  16. An iron is a must. It ensures that you will not damage your clothes. Get one with a range of settings that can conquer even the toughest wrinkles, but gentle enough to iron over delicate fabrics.

  17. Purse essentials:
  18. Purse is never just a fashion statement. The main purpose of it is that you can carry it around and will contain your wallet, a pen, pain killers, hand sanitizer, tissues, make-up essentials, hand cream, gum or breath mints, tampons or maxi pads, and for those of you who spend lengthy bouts talking, texting or gaming, bring your phone charger along.

  19. Give away clothes that you will not wear:
  20. Stop piling up your wardrobe with the clothes that you are not planing on wearing. If you haven’t worn it recently, then you probably never will. Just start going through your wardrobe and ask yourself theses questions, Do you like cut, fabric and color? Are you comfortable wearing it? Does it fit you now? Can any damages like stains or holes be fixed? Do you have more than one place to wear it? Can it be combined with other articles of clothing in your closet? When was the last time you wore it?