12 Nail Hacks to save you from spending on weekly Manicure

Having taken That luxurious but expensive Manicure doesn’t save you from your daily chores and visiting the salon every week will have some serious trouble to your pocket. Thus, why not go by old saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. We are about to show you some of the hacks and tips for you to take care of your nails at home itself, saving you a lot of those unnecessary salon expenses.

1. Prevent Split nails by wearing by wearing gloves in water. If you ever had the displeasure of a split fingernail (which everyone of us of have had), you understand why it’s important to protect your hands. Wear rubber or latex gloves while washing dishes or hand washing clothes to keep your manicure in tip top shape and prevent cracked nails.

2. To restore cuticles overnight, soak your fingers for 5minutes in warm water. Push back your cuticles using the orange stick. Mix 3 table spoon of lotion and 1 table spoon of olive oil and heat the mixture for 30seconds. Rub the mixture to onto your cuticles and nailbeds. Put (clean) socks or gloves on your hands and hit the bed.

3. After taking off that red Nailpaint, have you noticed pink or orange tinge that is left behind on your nails? The easy and at home remedy to the same is using your teeth whitening, apply it on your nails and brush of the remaining color with a soft brush.

4. Glitter nail polish can be really tough to remove. However, with this nail hack it will be super easy. Use a light glue as a base coat, and when you want to remove the glitter nail polish, just peel it off using a nail cuticle pusher.

5. Store your nail polish bottles in the fridge. It will keep them fresh and will prevent your nail polish from bubbling up when applying.

6. If you want to apply a neon colored nail polish, apply white nail polish as a base coat, it will give the color the perfect pop.

7. One of the coolest nail hacks is making matte nail polish. Add some eyeshadow powder to clear nail polish and shake it. Apply it as a top coat to your dry nail polish.

8. Another fast way to remove glittery nail polish, is by using foil and cotton. Soak the cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nail and wrap the foil around it for a few minutes.

9. After you paint your nails, rinse your nails under cold water for one to two minutes. This allows them to dry faster, so you don’t have to do that little drying dance with your hands and risk smudging them.

10. We all know how hard it is to choose between bottles of nail polish. Too many times you will find yourself staring at the cascading rows of colors asking yourself “Cherry red or Strawberry rose?” Thanks to this nifty nail hack, you can make your own shade of nail polish! All you need is a bit of eye shadow pigment. Mix it with a little – yep you guessed it – clear nail polish and voila! A perfect nail polish for the perfect night out!

11. Always file your nails in one direction, as going back and forth creates friction, which has an impact on your nail’s health.

12. Invest in a small paint brush to tidy up your manicure. Just dip the brush in nail polish remover and clean up the sides of your nails. This is a really cool nail hack, as you can avoid the fuzzy stray hairs you usually get from the cotton swabs.