15 Hacks to make Mommy life a little more Easier

The struggle of being a Mom is more than real, and in the process of being one we all come up with our own formulated hacks and tricks to excel through it. But ain’t anyone is satisfied with those hacks, mothers are always looking for more and more hacks to accomplish yet another task of theirs. And since you here, we are assuming you also looking for some of these hacks.

So, don’t you worry there, we got your back with these easy and simple life hacks for your day to day lives.

1. Extend the life of an inflatable kiddie pool well past Summer by using it as an indoor playpen. Toss a bunch of your baby’s toys in there, and buy yourself 10 minutes to vacuum, fold laundry, or make a quick phone call.

2. If you’re at a theme park, beach, or any other public place this Summer, buy yourself piece of mind by snapping a quick photo of your kids before the day begins. This way, in the (extremely unlikely) event that someone gets lost, you’ll have an accurate and current visual of what they look like, and what they’re wearing.

3. Skip those funny little outlet covers from the baby-proofing brands, and instead seal off hazardous electrical outlets with bandaids.

4. Cut a toilet roll through the middle, and wrap it around wrapping paper to keep things in place and prevent it from unrolling.

5. To fit two bowls into the microwave at the same time, simply place one on top of a glass so that it sits higher than the other. How easy is that?

6. Keep handbags easily accessible and organized by putting shower curtain hooks on your closet rod.

7. A drying rack is just the right size for coloring books, and its caddy can hold markers, crayons, and more.

8. Pretty porcelain jewelry boxes look great displayed on your dresser, but earrings and chains often end up tangled or misplaced. Keep jewelry and other small trinkets neat and tidy in individual ice cube tray compartments. It may not be pretty, but it works. OR make it pretty spraying colors over them.

9. Hang an over-the-door shoe holder/organizer in your laundry room to keep cleaning supplies at eye level. So much better than the typical under-the-kitchen-sink mess!

10. Make more room for your kids clothes by adding two rods in their wardrobe, this will also help in separating seasonal clothes.

11. Planning to take your kids for a Beach day, carry the Baby powder along to get the sand off, easily and quickly.

12. A hair tie stretched over the latch between doorknobs allows you to open and close the door silently.

13. Use salt water to heal cracked nipples after breastfeeding. To create your own normal saline solution, so it will heal, not sting. Mix ¼ tsp. of sea salt with 8 oz. of warm water in two small cups and soak no longer than one minute.

14. Rub Vick’s on your kids’ feet and cover with thick socks before tucking them in at night to stop that vicious coughing that always seems to hit at 3 am.

15. Always keep a carton or two of eggs around for the moments when your little artists’ inspiration strikes, they can be used as color palettes and will also save from color spills.

Share your hacks here and let us all help each other through our motherhood.