Do you have the 6 necessary accessories?

There is no need to talk about the importance of accessories in a womens life. They help us in feeling complete. They complete the look of our outfit. But if you are feeling that you have all the accessories you need, you might want to check with the coming up list. Here is the list of necessary accessories that every girl should have!

The accessory to top the list is, pearl earrings. Pearls are simply classic. They go on with any outfit. They are suitable for any age. When we say pearl, it doesn’t mean that you should have the original pearls. A little less original will also do.

A pair of sunglasses should be in every women’s bag. Sunglasses is one thing that can be worn any time of the year. Just imagine wearing them with a cool leather jacket and fashionable boots. This accessory will make you look the most fashionable throughout the year.

Just to get a casual look or a more of corporate look, a watch is must. Gone are the days when watches were just worn for time knowing purpose. Now they are worn for more of fashionable reason. Watches are any time better and trendy than bangles. Bangles do not go certain dresses whereas, watches, they go with any outfit.

The very very very important accessory a women needs to have is a purse. Be it casual or formal, a purse is a must! It is this purse that carries tons of our accessories, right from lip balm to sunglasses. You can have nice colorful purses or the plain yet stylish black brown ones. You purse should not be too small or too big. Just about the right size. Something that can have enough space to fit a shoe or an umbrella. It needs to have detachable long straps and short handles.

Wrist-lets are very common these days. They go very nicely with night time dresses. Wrist-lets are small so portable and very pretty. They are convenient to carry around. Plus they provide us with ample of space for lipsticks, keys, cell phones and money.

Who doesn’t love a pair of flats? Even the girls who are used to high heels will never give up flats for high heels. For one thing, they are extremely comfortable. And the best part is that they go with jeans, skirts and dresses too. They can be worn anytime of the year. Depending on the outfit they can give you a casual look or the adorable look.

Cell phone cover is a must! There are chances that your cell phone may get damaged so to avoid that, use a cell phone cover. Many cell phones are fragile. And your cell phone is your sweetheart. You wouldn’t risk anything from happening to it. So if you do not have one, go get it!