Its your life, live it your own way, make it kingsize!

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Freedom doesn’t mean breaking the chains and running out of the cell . Freedom means calmness of mind, a life to live as you need and make your wishes come true as you want. Freedom means not to be dependent on others all time. Freedom means taking advice of all but doing at last that only what you decide and what you are comfortable with.

  1. Choose your career depending on your beliefs, capability, strength and confidence. Don’t think what people will say, don’t just choose career for name sake, but choose for long run of life like to be capable to live your life on your own terms and can be independent to take your own decisions. Without career, society sees women in an inferior way. They think her as dependent material on men. Just to wipe out this belief, women should now take up the freedom of career to stand on her own legs and tell the world that “I am not dependent on anyone”.
  2. Women is a part of the society and has the right to live just as men. For living freely in a society she needs security to move freely around the world even at any time. Right to security is a must. Freedom of defense is a must.
  3. Freedom of thoughts is very necessary and the most important aspect of life. What thoughts you preserve in your mind will make you a person and will furnish your personality. Your thoughts should be sharp that people can judge you as a strong and important person. Freedom of thoughts means to have balanced opinions and it does not mean that you are free to dominate on anyone. If you give freedom, you will get freedom.
  4. If your thoughts are clear then you can take right decisions on any issues whether big or small, and you need not run behind people for right advice.
  5. Freedom of taking decisions is a must. Be it career, choosing right partner, any social decisions women should have confidence in herself to stand against the world without fear. Fear of society is the worst enemy of womens freedom. Because you are afraid of the taunts of the world and humiliation, you are avoiding the capability of doing that you can do even better then men. Realise your inner voice and let it come out of you. Face the world with full confidence.
  6. Ask yourself why cant I wear such clothes and freely move anywhere without fear. Throw out the fear and face the world with that strength which will never even have guts to see in your eye. Give your children too that freedom to live their innocence and their childhood. Share their problems and don’t force your decisions on them help them in taking their own decisions and train them maturely from very young age.
  7. Fight for every right without hesitation and bring out the truth, this is freedom in real sense which is now very necessary in this world.