A Little DIY Splash of Colors to Your Holi Attire

Holi is one of the many festivals for the country of India that is very passionately celebrated. The festival being all about colours and celebrating it with all your loved ones. The fun of the colours would be only since visible if we go all white into the festival. So, that the colours come out as flashing as they can and one can measure and compare with their friends and family of who played it better or who played it safer.

While the males go with the classic White Kurta Pajamas the girls mostly go classic in their own way with wearing salwar kameez or white kurta teamed with any bottoms. Though going all white is the only right way to go for Holi, having a slight splash of colours to your attire just about increases a little more fun.

With the Pom-Poms and Tassels acquiring every region of fashion here, again is a simple easy DIY to bring that light splash of colour to your Holi Overalls.