You better discuss this before Tying the Knot

Now is the season of weddings, and this is the right time to guide you through the discussions you must have with your partner before finalizing a date for tying the knot.

Marriage is a start to a whole new venture to your life, and it is gonna change almost everything in your life. And here comes the first issue, how much change are you ready to accept in your life with this upcoming major event of your life. We agree it or not, our expectations increases from our partner with the wedding coming along and same is the case with them. So its important that your both know each others expectations and also how much one is willing to give into the others demands.

To know this is the right person to spend your life with and put a final nail to it discuss these topics before your marriage.

Talk finances:-

No, it’s not impolite to discuss money with your accomplice. You both need to know how much cash is rolling in from the work you do as such that you can arrange your future appropriately. Likewise, on the off chance that you have any obligations or liabilities & debts, you ought to educate your partner regarding it. There’s additionally a decent shot that both of you may be in different income bracket. In that case, make sure you guys talk about how to split bills.

Will you share a bank account? Keep individual accounts? Both? And what bills will be paid by what accounts? Will you each put a certain percentage of your income toward shared bills? Do you have an emergency fund? What if one person is out of work or decides to stay home to raise the kids? What’s your plan for affording that?

Children & Parenting:-

For you to be good parents, you both need to want to have kids in any case. In the past having children was kind of a given thing. That is what was just expected of you – no inquiries inquired. Yet, times are diverse at this point. Numerous individuals would prefer not to have children, and that is splendidly alright. It’s all great as long as both partners are in agreement. On the off chance that you do need them, when would you like to have your first? Is it accurate to say that you are interested in adoption or fertility treatements in case you are uable to conceive naturally? To what extent would you like to attempt to conceive naturally before attempting other alternatives.

What is Home to you:-

Most middle-class couples have this dream of owning their own home at some point in the future. Perfectly fine. But what if one of you wants to settle somewhere in the hills, and the other one likes the shore? What if you want to eventually settle down in different cities? Where do you want to put roots down? How would you rank location in terms of importance for your well-being? If you love where you live, what would persuade you to move- a job offer, desire to be closer to family, better schools for your kids?


If you practice a religion or have a particular faith, how important is it that your partner share the faith and practice it with you? How does your religion or faith affect your lifestyle? If you plan to have kids, what religion, if any, do you want to raise them in?

Household chores:-

Dishes, laundry and all that fun stuff called House chores Barter, negotiate and plead if you have to so that you aren’t stuck doing the thing you least like all the time. If you hate, hate, hate washing dishes, but don’t mind cooking, suggest to your partner that you head meal preparation if he agrees to take on the dishes. This works best if the thing you hate with a passion isn’t also the same thing your partner hates with a passion. If it is, find a way to compromise, using your best negotiation tactics “Okay, I’ll empty the litter box and do the laundry if you please wash the dishes…” or you can go alternatively on every task.

Do the Sex talk:-

What’s the purpose of being a couple on the off chance that you can’t speak transparently about sex? Marriage will be an extreme street on the off chance that you and your partner aren’t good with regards to sex. You have to comprehend what the other individual preferences, what fantasies they have. In the event that one of you is straight up sex-twice-a-month-just preacher sorts and the other is marginal obsessed with sex, and both are similarly headstrong, there may be inconvenience up ahead.

Parents & Family:-

As long as you and your partner present a united front, having a bad relationship with your in-laws can be manageable. But if a spouse is not willing to address the issue with his or her parents, it can bode very poorly for the long-term health of the relationship, he said. At the same time, considering the strengths and weaknesses of your parents can illuminate future patterns of attachment or distancing in your own relationship.


How dedicated is each of you to your vocations? Do you live to work or work to live? By what means will your respective career influence family life? Where are you as far as living a “dream career”? Do you have all the more schooling and apprenticing to wrap up? Provided that this is true, what’s the time period for finishing these means toward acquiring the sort of employment you seek after? What sort of individual sacrifices will you need to make to climb your preferred career stepping stool?

Likes & Dislikes:-

You may know your partner for years, but a person is still quite different when at home, and now you are gonna share home together, so you still need to refresh your knowledge about each others like and dislikes about self and each other too. Discuss how do they like their bed, share your must-hygiene logics with them.

All these discussions are not guaranteed for never to have fights again, but it shows you a bigger picture by these small but much important pointers. Add on more of your thoughts and inhibitions you might be having with the wedding.

Being loyal and truthful from both the end is ultimately the key to happy marriage.