Bid Adieu to tiredness with these five simple hacks.

So you had a late night and now you have to attend early morning appointments, this only results in incomplete sleep and dull-tired eyes, raising peoples concern about your health with questions like “Are you keeping well?” “Are you eating well?” “Are you sick?” that’s kind of annoying to hear every time you meet people.

You don’t want your tiredness to show on your face when you are out there to achieve your dreams and goals. You want the world to see that you taking it in your stride and you are capable of these responsibility.

So here are few tricks to con the tiredness off your face.

Ice is the best way to wake up your skin and open up your eyes. Take ice in a tissue or a smooth cotton cloth let it melt a little to avoid the ice from sticking to your skin. Simply dab your face with the ice, this will close your pores, and give you that pink glow instantly. It works best for the under eye-bags.

  1.  Freeze two spoons for an hour or two, once out place them on your eyes for a few minutes. Again the coolness extracts the tiredness off your eyes making them lively and opens up more.
  2.  Tiredness of the face is always seen through one’s eyes and to eliminate this tiredness, all the work mainly goes in opening up your eyes and making them look as fresh as you can. So after dabbing your eyes with cold spoons, go on and pick up your eye-lash curler and curl both upper and bottom lashes, the openness of your eyes can instantly be noticed.
  3.  The ice works amazing for the under eye-bags, but applying a little concealer will hide the darkness under the eyes. This will bring your face in one single tone of color. For this, choose the right concealer for your skin tone.
  4.  You can skip these last two steps if you want, but they only bring in the extra brightness to your face. Pull back your hair in a high tight pony tail this will stretch your eyes open, not giving them in drooping dull face look.
  5.  The final thing to do to your eyes is applying white kohl. After applying your daily eyeliner and black kohl go ahead and apply the white kohl on your water line and precisely in the inner corner of the eyes. This gives the delusion of a more open & fresh and glowing eyes.

Go ahead win the world with this always fresh and ready look and let that less sleep be your and your beds own secret.