The eleventh hour Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costume ideas
Halloween is arriving in couple of days, rather it is just a day away and you must be probably wondering what to wear for Halloween this year, right? It is obvious that since it is a holiday time you will not get a costume at the last minute. Do not panic. Here is what you can do and have a blasting Halloween party. The Halloween costume ideas are not simple or kiddish, but quick and easy and something that you can easily get at the eleventh hour.

How about dressing up as Waldo? Well its fun and cool. All you will be needing for this costume is a red and white striped shirt and a hat. Hats are easily available in the market. Just make a pompom and stick it to the hat. And if you are not getting a red and white stripe shirt, then if you have a white shirt, stick some red cutting on it and vice versa. Alright, now if you are thinking that this is kiddish, try out this one. How about Daryl from Walking Dead? All you have to do is look like a zombie killing redneck. Grab a white wife beater, brown colored pants and a crossbow or a pistol, of course a fake one. And make sure that you have a red tag on your back pocket with a little of dirty on the face which will give you the original zombie look.

The simplest of all the Halloween costumes would be Greaser. All you will be needing is a white shirt, jeans and black leather jacket. Oil or gel hair, backwards and there, you are done. Ain’t that easy now? Getting the hippie look is also very easy. Throw on some flowering flowing skirts or maybe bell bottoms, if you have any. And nice pleasant, flowery loose blouse that will go perfect with the bottoms. To get an authentic look, tie a thin leather band around your head along with a flower, right behind the ear.

Bring Robert Munsch’s character to life by dressing up as the paper bag princess. Take a sun dress onto a craft paper and cut it well in two pieces. If you want you can either tape it together with a glue or stitch it. There, your dress is all ready. Get a messy hairstyle and place a pretty tiara on it. And try covering your body in a dark makeup. This will make it look like you are covered in soot.