Extenuate that Traditional look with these Tips and Tricks

A few days back we had shared with you tips and tricks on how to look taller without wearing those high heels. But most of them were basically centric to Casual and western looks, thus this time we thought of sharing tips and tricks on looking taller than usual in your Indian traditional attire. After all its the Wedding season right here and you are going to be wearing a lot of those bling and jing.

Traditional wear are generally tricky and if worn right will extenuate your figure and if not can ruin your complete look. To not get trap in the wrong way, wearing your heavy outfits right is all you gotta do. Its all in the play of vision, create illusion and make it a reality.

Glamrs.com has got our back with these tips to remember while trying to steal that dance floor. And always remember even at weddings Less is More!!