Five Quirky Diwali Gift Ideas At Your Rescue

Diwali is just around the corner, and it calls for shopping, for ourselves and loved ones. Its the time for exchanging gifts. The Indian Christmas is just about to arrive. We understand the struggle of not knowing what to gift and where to gift from. So here let us help you with sorting out gift ideas, taking the festive spirit along with it.

Quirkiness is the latest trend in the gifting process. Various online shops are providing some super cool products which are perfect to gift someone. They are well divided in sections and according to people’s general interest.

  1. Rose USB Air Humidifier:-
    Having Fragrances around is said to be the best way to calm and relax one self off the worries and tiredness of the daily chores. A Rose fragrance can never get old, it is a universally loved smell, Gift your loved ones with this Rose USB Air Humidifier and convey your love and care towards them.
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  2. ATM Piggy Banks:-
    Diwali is the festival where we worship the Goddess of Wealth- Laxmi. Enlighten your kids with the history of occasion and importance of money with this ATM piggy Banks encouraging them to save their pocket money. They also have a Minion version of the same.
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  3. 5 in 1 Game Set:-
    When people get together, there are ought to be games to bring up more liveliness in the parties. Cards being one of the cherished games with Indians and also Diwali is the Occasion where playing cards is one the traditions that’s been going along since forever. So your gift could come in handy right during the party itself and the host will have you to thank to.
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  4. Quirky Cushion Covers:-
    Gift your loved ones with Cushion Covers from the wide range provided by HappilyUnmarried giving out the essence of our country. There are “Apsara”, “HornOkPlease” and so many other quirky cushion cases to choose from.
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  5. Coasters:-
    Coasters that make dinner tables stand out from others, quirky at their best and bundle of colors spread around, making it as lively as it can get. The variety range from “Indian tourism” to “AtoZ Bollywood” themes.
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The above choosen products are at the best of Quirkiness with the handy nature of them and are worthy of price.

So, now that you have your W’s answered go ahead and splurge on the fun game of gifting.