Four Ways to Give the Ankles of Your Denim Jeans some Distressed Look

This new era of Denim Jeans is all about Distress fashion. While some are cracked at jeans, others might be distressed all over in random patches. The Distress Denim era started with random patches of skin show all around the front of the Jean legs. Then came the recent one which has denim cracked at the knees some with just slit while others might have a large patch cut off.

The Distressing process also varies with the different kinds of the fits that are available in the whole Jeans section. The recent arrival in the distress denim business is the distressing of the ankles of your Jeans. A variety of ways keeps emerging and it’s just simply the flow of your creative mind how you want your distress denim to look like. Thus, here are Four ways to distress slash fray the ankles of your Denim Jeans.