Four Ways to Style Sweaters in this Winter Season

Summers are all about tank tops, spaghetti tees, shorts and dresses and we all love to move out in sun and flaunt our styles and enjoy a few brunches with our girlfriends. But, as much as we love summer, it can get infuriating with all the shaving and sun burns on accounts of excessive sun exposure.

Summers are awesome for their part of time, but winters are more homely, closer to heart with the lazy atmosphere it carry around with it. With no worry of sweat and oiliness we can have cheat days once in while every few days. Skipping Hair wash and shaving don’t make you feel as guilty as in summer.

If Summers are sexy, than Winters are Cute. If you think, summer is the only fashion oriented season, then you are highly mistaken. Winters have their own share of fashion which is even more friendly to heart and your body. Because, the season is of guilty pleasure, wherein you can gain a few extra pounds and no one will know about it in those layers of clothes.

Yes, sweaters are a staple clothing of winter along with boots, beanies and woolen scarfs. Ingrid Nilsen shows us how to to dress up four different sweaters giving us four different winter outfit looks.