Get the 70’s hair bun in 5 minutes

We all love the 70’s hair bun. We do not care whether the hair is long wavy or curly or limp, we simply love the 70’s style of the hair bun. This hair style particularly made the hair look quite heavy with too much of hair volume and we simply love teasing and playing with the hair, don’t we girls? Here are some of the dos and don’t s for having the perfect 70’s hair bun.

For starting with the 70’s hair bun, start with parting the area that you want to tease. And immediately after that pin the rest of the hair. Then make about 4 inch of subsections in that part of the hair. Just in case, if you want a light tease, then make the subsection of about 2 inches. Hold your hair at 90 degrees from the scalp and place your fine-toothed comb about one inch above the root. Just comb down the root and then go up again. Do this until you find a considerable amount of hair gathered near the root. You could use a mild spray so that the hair could stay like this for a longer while. Lightly take your hair behind and pin it down like you pin a ponytail. Just see to it that you do not pull to much, but gently layer it with the other hair. Add the final touches to any randomly sticking-out hair by spraying a smoothening serum over it. You can even take a tinge of oil and just smoothen out your hair.

Understand this- backward combing and teasing is never right for wavy or curly hair. Styling textured hair can be a real nightmare if not done right. It is advisable to straighten your hair a little before making it into a puffy bun only if you have curly of wavy hair. And if you have straight long hair, then simply remove the tangle before getting the hairstyle. Wet hair is extremely fragile and damaged. It breaks easily if wet. So not doing anything to your hair if it is wet. If you want long big Rapunzel like hair then get a right comb and brush. Use a fine-toothed comb for backward combing and a large bristled brush for the final touch. Before heading in the shower see that your hair is free from tangle. Getting into the shower with a tangled hair will add more to the tangles.

Always use a detangling spray or serum. You could also use a voluming shampoo which help in making your hair look big and bounce. Always use heavy conditioner before and after teasing you hair. Try teasing your hair the next day after you wash. There will be natural oils in your hair instead of product build-up.