How to get your Makeup Base squad right!

Applying make up is no rocket science it can be easy, simple and fast. But you do need to know how to do it. Using wrong shades and improper techniques can make your make up look fake or unnatural. You need to know the basics of make up and its application, and only continuous practice will lead to excelling the art of make up. Choosing the right shades of your products is the next most important thing to know. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the amount and type of make up you are using. Trying a few different techniques can also be helpful in finding the perfect make up look for you.

Always start your make up routine with clean fresh face touched with the primer, moisturizer and a suncream and if you don’t want too many products on your skin then go for a BB cream is what you should use. Getting your base right is being half way there. You can leave it with only the base or go ahead with further makeup products. Here we are going to show you the basic tutorial to achieving the base coat of your make up right.

The base makeup products include the concealer and foundation along with the above mentioned products.

Follow along with this video to know exactly how to do the base coat of your make up without it making you look like a clown or unpolished.