Homemade Facemasks for Combination Skin Type

Face masks are the easiest quickest way of unwinding the tiredness off your skin from the week long exertion it went through. Choosing the right kind of face mask for your type of skin is necessary because they stay on your skin for a while and if not chosen wisely can have their adverse effect on the skin. And nobody wants to bare any skin reactions while you were planning on a chill weekend.
Generally, facemasks are chosen in accordance of oiliness or dryness of the skin, but the fact is, though you might have oily skin in general there are chances of portion of your skin being dry and missing the moisture it might require. Our face is divided in few zones, the T zone of our face includes the forehead and the nose and dips besides it which are the most prone to the oiliness while the cheeks and lips are the most prone to the tiredness, thus the ones who have a skin with a combination of dryness and oiliness to it might require different treatments according to the zones.
Here is a home-made face mask along with a remedy to treat your tired eyes.