How to Detect Hidden Cameras in Trial Rooms

Shopping for clothes can have almost a therapeutic effect. You see a dress, fall in love with it, buy it after trying it and go home with a new swing in your step. But this experience can easily be marred by the hidden camera in the trial room which records you at your barest to feed some sick person’s fantasy. The discovery of a hidden camera in the store of a reputed brand is not the first and will not be the last. So never not do the test at any trial room, be it as classy and standardized it be.

When “intrusion” in someone’s privacy at any kind is an indecent proposal, peeping people when they are at any private room’s such as bathroom, trial room, wash room, gym and dressing room is a “Visual Rape”. So, stay aware and always check before you undress.

Here are some easy tips to ensure that you never again fall into such a trap and can look through the glass.


Always Stay Caution!