How to go Four Days without Hair Wash in Winters

Getting out of Bed is a task in winters. But, as much as we love the month of december and are in the festive mood from the first day of the month, our work places aren’t. We aren’t blessed with a month long vacation to literally enjoy the festive season by snuggling in our cozy bed with a quick to make tent of luxury of Comfort with our blankets and comforters.

Oh sorry, we went ahead in our imagination of such luxury. As much as we want, the holidays won’t come until the 24th day of the month. And till then, we need to get out of our bed daily on the scheduled the time and get on with our work life.

But, that being said, sure there is gonna be few minutes of snoozing before finally getting up, resulting in running late on schedule, which is followed by even bigger dread of winters, shower time. Though skipping on complete bath would be going overboard on laziness. Skipping head shower for a day or two is pretty acceptable.

We have Ingrid Nilsen here to share with us some tips on how to rock your Hair wash for long days.