How to keep your Makeup Brushes Clean and Long-lasting

We recently shared posts about makeup for Beginners followed by post explaining all the types of Makeup brushes and their Uses. In this post we are gonna talk a little more about makeup brushes. Where-in we share with you how you can keep your Make-up brushes in good shape and clean them of all the dirt and accumulated makeup.

You might know, the quality of Makeup brushes is quite soft, smooth and sensitive and it can get tarnished soon if not taken care of. We carry them off to places and keep them in places so its just so obvious for them to collect dust and germs over them. And anything and everything that you use for your skin needs acute care. You don’t need to wash them on daily or weekly basis. But once a month or every fortnight will ensure the health & hygiene of the brushes.

But washing these brushes can be tricky, you need to be quite gentle in the process as harshness might ruin the shape of them and also may plunk few hair every time. Thus, here we have a video to show you how to wash your makeup brushes.