How to wean baby from breastfeeding

Wean Baby from Breastfeeding
Hey! Are you looking for some simple and easy ways that helps to wean baby from breastfeeding? Well, this post is your answer! In this post, we are talking about simple ways that wean baby from breastfeeding. Lets

Don’t Expect to Wean Overnight
Most of the mothers expect that their baby wean breastfeeding in just a single night, which is next to impossible. Do not expect anything which is unrealistic. Give your baby the time to get content with the new diet.

Never Sit on your Usual Nursing Chair
Try to avoid sitting on those spots where you feed your baby. Keep your little angel away from the thought of breastfeeding. In mealtime, spot your kid on the dining table or somewhere else where you never feed your baby. It is probably one of the best ways to wean baby from breast feeding.

Change Bedtime Routine
Another trick that can be used to wean baby from breastfeeding is changing the bedtime routine of the kid. Playing with the toys or involving in some other activities during bedtime can grab the attention of the kid and thus results in weaning from breast feeding.

Introduce a cup
Introduce a cup for offering milk or some nutrients periodically when your baby at about 6 months. The introduction of cup helps a lot in weaning baby from breast feeding. The cup develops a habit of taking meal instead nursing from mothers.

Pick the Perfect Time
For weaning baby from breastfeeding, it is very important for the mothers to pick a perfect time. Star weaning when your baby is ready for this. Pick a perfect time otherwise it will be struggle for the mothers to wean baby from breast feeding.

Start by Never Refusing, Never Offering
If you want to wean baby from breastfeeding then the very first thing that you have to do is to never offer nursing to your baby. If your baby demands for nursing never refuse that demand otherwise it worse the conditions even more.

Start with Right Nursing Session
To wean baby from breast feeding, it is very important to start with the right feeding session. Babies usually ask for nursing during night because they find it difficult to get into sleep. If your baby wake up at night and demand for nursing then he might be struggling with sleep. So, try to avoid nursing your baby during night. Deal with this situation with utmost care and patience. This will definitely helps to wean your baby from breastfeeding.

Welcome Crying
Be prepared for the reaction! You are weaning your baby from breastfeeding, so it is very obvious that your baby is managing emotions with nursing. It is very expected that baby will express feelings and emotions in some other ways like crying, showing tantrums and so on. Do not escape with such situation. Deal with situation with great patience. Help your baby to deal with the situation.

Reduce Nursing Session, Give Choices
One of the best ways to wean baby from breastfeeding is reducing the nursing session. If you nursing your baby10times a day, try to nurse only for 8 times in a day and reduce the nursing session slowly. If your baby is old enough, give him some choices. This trick will definitely help you in your mission.

Explain. Don’t be Shy
If your baby or toddler is mature enough then try to explain that he or she is too big to breastfeed and do not need anymore. Try to explain with some examples. In some cases, this trick also works.

So, these are some simple tips or ways that helps to wean baby from breastfeeding. Go with these tips and enjoy motherhood!