Let the dirt stay out of your house with these tips

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No one really likes the dirt or dust in the house. It bugs you a lot, doesn’t it? You end up dusting, vacuuming and doing every other thing possible to keep the dirt out of the house. But no. It does not work. Morning you clean the house and by the end of the day, you see a thin film of dust on the coffee table. But do you know what could possibly be the best way to cut back the unwanted dust and dirt? Cut it off from right from its source. This will definitely save your cleaning and vacuuming time. Here are few tips that will save your time and clear off the dirt.

Door mats come very much in handy to keep off the dirt and dust. Door mats act as a dirt trap. So it is very much necessary that you keep one door mat outside the house and one inside the house. Having only one door mat, either inside or outside will do no good and will not help you in reducing the dust. Also you need to keep you door mats clean. You need to vacuum them on a regular bases. Also when you vacuum it make sure that you vacuum on both the sides, the upper and lower parts. If you vacuum only from one side, you are pushing the dust to other side.

Also make a rule to leave the shoes at the door. The moment you walk in the house with your shoes you are inviting dirt. So try taking shoes off near the door. Also if you have a pet in the house, make sure that before your pet enters the house, you wipe its paws with a towel. And if you have to brush your pet, take that business outside. This will avoid the fur falling in the house. Another thing that unknowingly that we do is that we tend to keep our windows open for a longer time. Keeping windows open invites dust, dirt and pollen.

If you have an exhaust fan in the kitchen, use it when you are cooking. It is not a show piece hanging at the kitchen window. Using the exhaust fan while cooking helps in trapping the grease particles and avoids it from depositing on the surface. Also when you plan on emptying the vacuum bag, make sure you do it out. If you do it very near to the window or door, chances are that the dust particles may again enter your house. Also clean you conditioner vents once a month. Dust settles too quickly on these vents. So when you turn on the air conditioner, the dust on the vent will come inside.