How to make your High heels PAIN FREE!

It’s the age old question asked by each shoe-adoring lady at some point: How to wear high heels without agony. Is it even conceivable? Is it true that we are identified with a “grin and bear” mindset for life for the sake of looking—and feeling—astounding? Turns out, an impressive pair of out of this world shoes and agony free feet aren’t fundamentally unrelated.

Comfortable heels do exist, and I happen to own some of them. But every girl knows that some heels are not comfortable in any way, and we wear them only because they look amazing. Pain for the sake of beauty sucks. Why should you walk around in heels that pinch your feet and make your legs ache? Why should you feel like you’re about to fall over the second you stand up or take a step? Why should you spend an entire day longingly thinking of your slippers? There are things you can do to make heels comfier – and some of you need to start doing them, because going barefoot in public is not okay.

We are about to give you some Easy Hacks to save yourself from the pain caused by wearing heels.

1. Rub a little Lip balm on the back of your heels to prevent Blisters.

2. Use Dry shampoo to keep your Feet dry.

3. Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together to prevent pain in heels.

4. Use Sand paper to rough up the bottom of the sole for better grip.

5. Always walk Heel to Toe not the other way around.

6. Stretch out High party heels by placing a bag of water in them and leaving them in the freezer overnight.

And for further more tips and tricks go ahead and watch this video.