Motherhood – A most awaited golden span of a women’s life

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Woman has to play various roles in her lifetime, each role making her more and more responsible person. But a woman experiences a very different feeling when she transforms in to a mother and someone with tiny footsteps enter into her life. There begins motherhood for her.

Mother is the most endearing entity, and mother child relationship is the most beautiful relation in the world .It’s a wonderful feeling when you become a mother for the very first time. Life becomes more beautiful than ever and your child becomes your top priority. Your shopping patterns change. All of a sudden your hand bag replaces feeders, napkins and baby accessories with lipsticks and beauty tools.

As the time passes, you come to know that having children and raising them is not an easy job. Every day you learn something new about your baby and start thinking to cope up with the uprising problems each day. Every child comes with a different nature and you have to deal with your children according to their own individual nature.

If your kids are hyper active, which is a very common problem then life becomes more demanding. You like it or not, you have to handle this problem nattily. From birth to teenage, there is a constant struggle and great responsibility to groom your child in such a way that he should turn out to be a contributing member of society. During motherhood, woman often become depress with the stage wise imminent problems. Depression is not a suitable solution. It needs proper parenting abilities. You can acknowledge your mother’s pain and effort after becoming a mother yourself . Mother is the only person who listens to your all foolish things, wipes your tears, and embraces you in the time of trouble. No soul can replace a mother’s emotions. No individual can bestow the warmth of mother’s lap.