Natural Steps that can be taken to Avoid Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the start of new life which is a whole new level of responsibility to bare for the said women & her partner. Thus, when it comes unsaid and when you not expecting it, one knows all the chaos it going to cause. Abortion is not an easy option to opt for. There is a new life at stake. Its important that you make sure that you don’t ever fall into the situation of unexpected pregnancy, it is a decision that needs planning and assurance along with confidence to carry forward on the woman’s side and also the partner.

Birth control is a fragile subject, as many natural and medical protections keep coming up, none till date gives the 100% security. As most of us know, Birth control pills have their own set of side effects, and thus many women refrain from having them.

Dr. Roshani Sanghani, who is a Consultant Endocrinologist here along with has come to share with us some natural ways to prevent pregnancy. Though, she still warns that even these natural measure are not 100% safe and have had a number of failure, being observant and aware can always be in your benefit.