Quick & Easy Roll Up Hair Bun for the Wedding Season

If you look into your mother’s old Hair styling kit you are sure to find half of it being accessories and materials for tie up Buns. Buns have forever been an easily acceptable and an obvious choice of Hairstyle during wedding occasions. That being said, Buns can be considered as the staple hair style for weddings, and though in today’s times, we have come up with thousands of hairstyles pertaining to the required occasions, Hair up-dos can never go out of trend.

Hair Buns, are more favored for wedding occasions for various reasons– they keep your hair away from your face skipping you from any worry to take care of them during the never-ending wedding rasams. Keeping your hair down may block some beautiful designs of your outfit around the collar and shoulder area, which none of us girls want.

Here, is a simple but yet classy Hair up-do for the weddings which aren’t closely related.