Recipe to a Morning Dose of Health with this Mini Vegetable Bowl

Eating healthy something we all need to instill in our daily routine. All who follow healthy and periodic meals can vouch on the fact how much it affects our daily life, health, moods, and skin and everything in general. Winter is the season when there is maximum accessibility to green leafy vegetables and fruits, which just about makes it the best time to eat healthy to stay fit and fine.

Many have said it that loosing weight in winter is hard due to the cold weather as it’s hard to produce sweat which removes a good amount of extra fat we carry in our body. Thus, eating healthy to stay fit and glowing is just about the right substitute. The vegetables also helps to get get rid of the winter dryness. Thus, we brought you a recipe to a perfect bowl of healthy morning breakfast snack. The ingredients involve loads of vegetables and a good amount of butter and some flower. The Vegetable Bowl keeps you strength to toil through the day keeping you full sufficiently and also tastes well with the pizza seasoning. Thus, continue to watch this video from a run through on how to achieve this yummy yet healthy bowl of vegetables.