Be Your Own Salon with this Simple Manicure Process

There is something around a delightful manicure that just looks and feels rich, yet the cost of salon manicure can truly add up throughout a year! In the event that you need to spare time and cash on nail treatments, this simple seven step process will help you with your manicure for a small amount of the cost!

Be that as it may, hold up! How about we assemble the essentials first. You’ll require:
Non-acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls
Nail file
Buffing block
Sugar scrub to exfoliate
Orange-wood stick
Cuticle oil
Nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat)

Step 1:-
Before you begin, ensure your finger and toe nails are paint free using a non-acetone remover (acetone can be exceptionally unforgiving and stripping!). Next, utilize clippers and additionally a file to tenderly shape your nails to your desired length and shape. Next, smooth the surface of your nails with a buffing block (this will likewise evacuate revolting yellow stains we as a whole get from wearing a lot of dark paint!). Catch up with the smooth buffing side for a high sparkle!

Step 2:-
Soak hands for two to three minutes, and feet for five minutes. Now, time to exfoliate! for a simple at-home fix, simply blend one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of baby oil gel and delicately clean away the dead, dry cells. It smells awesome and leaves your skin feeling like silk. Rinse and pat dry.

Step 3:-
Soften your cuticles by rubbing a bit of oil on them. By now, your cuticles should be nice and soft, so go ahead and push them back with an orange stick to get a really nice shape. You can also use this tool to clean and dirt from under the nail. Now the fun part… massage! Grab a vitamin-rich moisturizer, and slather it on. Don’t forget your heels and cuticles! Before moving on to step four, swipe the nail beds with non-acetone polish remover to remove any oil and moisturizer. The key to long lasting polish is super clean nails!

Step 4:-
Apply a base coat to smooth any edges and make an even surface for your shading. One thin coat will do it!

Step 5:-
Paint on two thin layers of clean, allowing your color to dry totally between every coat. To do it like the experts (that is the general purpose, right?), swipe clean down the focal point of the nail to start with, then on each side. The key is to make the layers of polish as thin as could be expected under the circumstances, which will help in longevity and help the polish dry all the more rapidly.

Step 6:-
Applying a top coat accomplishes more than include sparkle. It likewise smooths away any flubs and flaws, which is regularly a total lifesaver. Only one coat is all you will require. To rapidly revive your mani/pedi consistently, include another layer of top coat. It has a tremendous effect.

Step 7:-
Relax! All you need to do is sit back and let the final coat dry!!