Save your day with these 10 tips and tricks for your hair

In today’s time, you wake up and you have a list of chores to do and places to go, and through it all you also gotta take care of yourself and look good.

All of us know, if our hair are not having their good day, Nothing can make us look good. And the struggle we go through can be too laborious. We all need some cheat sheet to help us have that good hair day without doing much. But there are some tips and tricks, which if you follow will help you fight the hair struggles without much affords.

  1. While braiding your hair in fish-tail braid, we always pick section from side and later do the same on the other. Instead, pick sections from both the side at the same time, this will make it your work easier and also save you some extra time.
  2. Fast paced life has made us less of a patient person. There are times when we apply mask to our hair and don’t wait enough for our to absorb it for the required time. Thus, to fasten the process, wet a normal towel or a cotton t-shirt, soak it wet and release the excess water and let it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. The heat in the cloth will let your hair absorb the mask better.
  3. However handy our rubber bands are we just don’t like when they show while tied in a pony tail. Thus, here’s an easy way to hide it, all you will need is a plastic rope, with one circle and a thin oval at each ends (refer the video) insert the plastic rope in your rubber band with the circle at top and the oval below the band and wrap a strand of your hair around it, pass the end of the strand through the circle and simply pull the plastic rope from below.
  4. Most of us all like our pony tail tight, who likes the slouchy hair tails anyway. To achieve the tight ponytail all you need to do is, take two rubber bands and inter-link the two and finishing it with bobby pins at both the ends. Gather your hair at the back for a ponytail, inserting one of the bobby pins on one side and roll the rubber bands from the bottom of your pony tail and stick the second bobby pin on the other side.
  5. Here we will see how to create volume at the roots of your hair. Take a curl-on near the roots and keep a strand of your hair over it holding it for a second and release it.. do it around your crown area and you no more have a flat dull crown. You can do the same with a straightener too, just hold the straightener near the roots again and make little turn with the strands in between. You will have to let them cool down for a few seconds while holding them in your palm before settling them down.
  6. Greasy hair gives an unhygienic and unhealthy look to your hair, to tackle it spray dry shampoo to your hair the previous night before you sleep. It will give the hair ample time to get rid of that greasiness.
  7. A lot of us straighten our hair the previous night, just to save time the following day, but due to our sleep postures most of the time the efforts are wasted, to avoid this tie your hair in a high pony tail after straightening saving the weird marks to appear the next day.
  8. Laundry tissues come handy in avoiding creases in your hair. Just run them flat through your hair and you are good to go.
  9. Drying your with dryer also needs to be done the right way, make sure that the dryer is not pointed in the same direction as the tips of your hair, there needs to be a assumed 45 degree of angle with your hair tips, this will seal your cuticles.
  10. And here’s a tip for colored hair, if you have recently dyed your hair Blond or Red and they have started looking grassy, just buy in any hair product in the market with a blue or purple under-tone color or if trying at home just powder some blue or purple colored chalk in your hair mask, mix them well and apply it to your hair. These colors scraps out any brassiness in your hair.

Go ahead, use these tricks and let us know how did they help you.