Why you should stop being a perfect mom?

Every mother at one point or another tries real hard on being a perfect mom. It is like a mothers thing; they strive for perfection. But while striving for perfection, they end up thinking that they are bad mothers. Get one thing clear- there is no such thing as a perfect mom and lets face the fact, nobody is perfect. Everybody commits mistakes. Its in the human nature to do so. Just try making your experience of motherhood by knowing several reasons why you should stop being a perfect mom.

1. Children will strive for perfection: When you are trying to be perfect in everything, you are getting obsessed with being perfect. Seeing this your children will start striving for perfection too. This way they will be afraid to make mistakes and they will have a very low self-esteem. Take mistakes and learn from them. Consider them as lesson. Learning from mistakes helps your children develop and grow and you should realize it now when they are small.

2. Do your best: Never expect your children to be perfect at everything. In fact encourage them to be best at something. Firstly, you should stop striving for perfection and aim at being best. This way you will set an example for your kids. So stop being a perfect mom and start focusing on being the best mom.

3. The perfect mom doesn’t exist: The concept of ‘perfect mom’ is a myth. It does not exist. When you’re trying to be a perfect mother, you’re aiming for something that is impossible. It’s possible to be a great mom, but not perfect. It’s wonderful to be a mother, so don’t waste your time attempting to make everything perfect.

4. You’re stressing your family out: Aiming to be perfect mom is hopeless goal. Quite an unattainable one. When one family member strives for perfection, the whole family suffers. It leads to misunderstandings and can even cause lots of fights.

5. You’re stressing yourself out: Running behind to be a perfect mom is stressful. It may sooner or later affect your health. And because of this stress it is pretty obvious that you will miss your motherhood experience. One just has to be best be happy and be confident in being the mom that you are. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

6. You can become unbalanced: Many a times if we just focus on one thing, our life will be out of balance. This is totally a bad thing. While being a mom is an important position and one of your top priorities, it’s bad to focus only on it.

7. Make progress: Instead of trying to be a perfect mom, try to make progress in all areas of motherhood. Again, mistakes are good and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Realize that you are a wonderful mother and wife.