Stork Alert: “Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton is Expecting!

She’s one of the bravest ladies in the ocean and Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks are gearing up for the role of their lives- parenthood!
The 25-year-old surfer, whose survival of a shark attack was made into the movie “Soul Surfer,” took to her website with an exciting video for all of her fans.
Bethany declared, “We have a little surprise for you…baby on board! I’m about 22 weeks, which is about halfway there. It’s been a pretty crazy last four months finding out that we’re gonna be parents. Life’s kinda gonna be changing and [we’re] kinda just starting to prep for bringing a new little being into the world. It’s all really exciting. We found out it’s a boy, so we’re looking for boy names. We’ve got a few in mind. I’ve been surfing throughout my whole pregnancy. I plan to surf as long as I can. Once the belly’s pretty big maybe [I’ll] just like mellow it out and spend more time swimming and just enjoying the ocean and doing other activities.”