Three Christmas Mug cake Recipes- Easy, Quick & Yummy!

Hello December!!

With the arrival of winters, comes along our lazy pants mood, which are hard to escape from. We all know how cozy and comfortable these cold winds make us, that it become real hard to get out of our bed. Laundry and dish washing are the tasks we dread the most from, since coming in touch with weather beaten icy cold water is a big No No. All we want to do in the final days of the year is stay cozy in bed with blanket enveloping us with hot cups of coffee with infused seasonal flavors and binging over Christmas movies and carols.

December, is a complete cheat month for all the diet we generally otherwise follow, this is the month we feed ourselves all the cliched yummy food and aren’t guilty of turning every food item in the flavors of pumpkin, peppermint and chocolate. Thus, to add on to this endless list of yummy to tummy food, we brought you three different recipes of Mug cake, keeping in mind the lazy mood of the season, hence keeping it super simple and quick at the same time making it yummy. And we have all got to Thank Gemma Stafford for it.