Three Unicorn-Inspired Braids for Rapunzel like Hair – Ft. Lilly Singh

Are you one of those few people who have butt down Rapunzel Hair and also known downright well how to carry them and take care of them, then we here bow down to you. Cause its a task at times to handle even our shoulder length hair and feed them well.

Taking care of hair is important and can get tricky at times, for any length of hair. But, its a whole new level of struggle if you have long lustrous hair that continue down over your butt. You might most definitely dread the Hair wash day, which comes way too soon for our liking. Tying them up is another hour of struggle.

But all this is ultimately worthwhile with how amazing they make us look and how unique and stand out they make us feel in a crowd. And all the dose of daily compliments is all the more alluring.

The one famous personality who is quite popular for her hair along with her Career, is none other than Lilly Singh. Self proclaimed, Queen of the Unicorn world here shares with us, three Unicorn inspired Braids for long Rapunzel like Hair. Keep watching to know how to get the look.