Three Upcycled DIYs to Pump Up Some color and Fun to Your Denims

How many pairs of denim do you own? How many of them are different in outlook from the others? Not many! Denim are universally accepted bottoms that can be paired with almost anything and everything. If we go back to old days, types of denim were considered just basic bottoms with slight difference in shades and few choices in fits, nothing else. But, with growing love for fashion amongst people, designers and top brands have taken it upon their shoulders the task bring in more fun and variety in our general denim.

The ripped and distress jeans forms for one such type of variation to them followed by multiple kinds of fits available today from waistline to the ankles, serving to various choices of their audience. Patchwork and stick-on are the newest ones. Bringing in colour to your always blue denim.

Thus, here are some easy and unique DIYs you can try with your denim and bring in a totally different dimension to them.