Winter Skin Care Moisturizers and creams that cost less than Rs. 500

With Days getting colder and Nights growing chillier, our skin also keeps getting dryer, with the layers of skin ripping and lips getting scabby with dryness, skin care is one of most priority of the season. We all have different type of skin some, the basic distribution of it includes– Dry, Oily and Normal skin, and thus even lotions and moisturizers are made according to the following skin types.

The foremost thing to know while buying a moisturizer is knowing your skin type, a person with oily skin if ends up buying strongly oil based cream, they will have to bare the whole day being sticky and miserable. Thus, always check the instructions on every bottle before making the purchase.

Youtuber, Debasree Banerjee here, shares with us Lotions that fit under the cost price of Rs. 500 along also giving us a detailed guide through all of these products. With the Christmas festival around the corner, there is going to be a lot of spending and saving little here and there is always a good options.