Bringing Back The Nostalgic Times with a Mini Tutorial on How to Get Your DIY Shorts Right

What is the one of the oldest and first of all clothing DIY you have done? Can you go back to your nostalgic memory lane of childhood and think of any? Because, there is one, that everyone might remember doing, and back then it was just a way of making the best of use of your resources, but now it has become a cool and creative thing to do that will awed upon by everyone.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, then let us remind you, we are talking about turning jeans into shorts. The bulb blow now? Yeah, technically it wasn’t you who did the work, but that’s the first fashion DIY every one of us has come across. The scrape on the Knees of your jeans wasn’t a fashion statement back then, it was a sign to chop them half and doll up into shorts. We wonder if in young days did our mothers even bought us shorts, or just waited for our jeans to scrape and then turn them into shorts.

Well, times haven’t changed much, and we still cut short our jeans to turn them into shorts, but something always goes wrong, the length is always too long or too short. So here is a mini tutorial to save you from that agony.