Conditioning for your Palms in Winter Season

If you are anything like us, then you know the tragedy of Dry skin peeling off in winter season, even before the arrival of November for some, while for others by the mid of November the skin starts to dry and whiten and soon also starts peeling off.

Its winters and only best of oily skins are saved from the harshness of dryness, for maximum of us we have to start taking our precautionary steps before hand itself. The Skin needs moisture the most but along with it, it also requires the regular conditioning that we generally take in summers but avoid in winters.

Our palms are the most of affected area as they are the ones that come in maximum contact with water and other activities in general and thus can get easily loose the moisturizer you used that morning resulting in peeling off of the skin. Thus, here are a few steps to take weekly to condition your palms and keep the skin there soft and tan free.