Easy and Handmade Embroidered Patches for your Plain Jeans & Jackets

Though single colored dresses and plain jackets have been forever in trend and worn & loved by everyone, it was about time to bring a little to fun to them. And the Fashionista’s did bring in that fun portion to the plain clothes, and we can’t them enough with their ideas.

Quirky patches or Batches in other words started surrounding all the fashion tabs, with various technological machines being brought the light to give your jeans some funky touch other than just distressing them. Batches started playing round with majorly first on only jeans, where they were pressed on the pocket and thigh regions of jeans. And the splash of color on those denim shade was so pleasing and appealing at the same time, that it din’t take long to spread around.

Larissa D’sa shows some easy hand made patches which are cheap and also will give the personalized effect along with character to your clothes.