Easy and Inexpensive Tricks to get Various types of Curls with a Single Curling Rod

Are you a lover of curls, but the new curling appliances are too much for your budget, then we have got you some easy and at home solutions or Hacks to get your desired curls by just the basic Curling iron.

The market is today filled with variety of Curling machines, defined for various types of curls, and with the launch of the machine everyone is wanting to experiment with their hair to achieve the different curls. Back in time, there weren’t so much defination to curls – Loose curls, Beach curls, Tight curls, etc. all was reserved for the fashion world. But today, we all want different hairstyles for moods and days. But, investing in such costly curling irons is not in everyone’s budget.

Thus, try out these easy tricks to get at home curls out of simple curling rod and straightening machine.