Enjoy A Baking Cake Date with your Partner this Valentine’s Day

The Red Alert Month of February has almost reached it’s most important location as the big day of Love is hanging over our head, so we thought either you have any partner or not to spend the Valentine’s day, feeding on a yummy delicious and super tempting Red Velvet cake would be just a perfect thing to do or any and everyone.
And if you are a couple who love to bring some fun and adventurous stuff in your dates, having a “Baking a Cake Date” will be just the right, unique and a perfect thing to do this valentine’s day. Baking a Cake can be a little too much of an adventurous but the Rajshir Food recipe here makes for a perfect equation of adventure and sweetness. Bring a new twist to your romance by baking for yourselves and you could lick little sweetness off each other’s finger tips, we are sure we don’t need to teach you anything in that department.


We should all Thank Chef.Upasana for the yummy amazing Recipe!!