Fashion- A constantly changing way of life, Be Different

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Just like seasons, moods and guests fashion too comes and goes, it is a constantly changing way of life.It is not dependent on factors of time, date and place. Its upon us, how we take it. Now a days youngsters and women have a misleading definition and predictions about fashion. A celebrity which wears a beautiful dress and becomes a fashion and maximum women have that costume in their wardrobes, just to be competitive and to look different. Once an intelligent designer said, ‘fashion is not cattle rearing, one behind another, but fashion is all alone, to be different and what completely suits my body, mind and personality no matter its outdated’.

  1. Be simple: Go simple with your choice which soothes your looks. Don’t overdo and wear flashy clothes which makes you a laughing stock in public. Wear clothes which are simple and comfortable on your body. Don’t think what people will think on my simplicity but think that even in that simplicity, your looks and personality will be shining and different from others.
  2. Wear clothes that suit your personality: Don’t ask what others are wearing in a party, just look in a mirror and judge yourself, what suits you the best. Don’t wear outfits which irritate others. Don’t wear very loud dress, just choose to be casual, even if its simple indian dress or simple jeans and t- shirt.
  3. Wear flattering colors: Wear flattering and bright colors which makes you feel young and avoids boredom. Some bright colors even puts a shining and glowing effect on your skin.
  4. Design your own dress: The best way to stay in fashion is to design your own dress which includes brains and imagination. When you enter a store just pick up some beautiful colorful cloth piece and join it together to make a one piece gown or Indian dress with some borders and light Jewellery.
  5. Simple makeup: Many girls think that going for a party or for an outing make up is a must and for them make up means heavy pasting of rouse, eye shadows and dark lipsticks which only makes your face more shabby and unrealistic. Even if you are going for a party, don’t follow the madness of fashion, just give yourself a pretty look by applying soft foundation and compact and just a lip gloss with a light eye make up which complements your face. Keep your hair open or a loose pony tail will increase the honour of your face. Wear a small beads necklace along with long earrings for a perfect girly look.