Lingerie 101 Part Two — by Sejal Kumar for more Outfits that need Wisely chosen Undergarments

A few posts ago, we shared a video by Sejal Kumar a recently turned 22-year-old Youtuber sharing with us tips on how to wear clothes that are inclined on a little revealing side of clothes and which needs a little more attention to undergarments that need to worn inside them. Thus, sharing with us her Lingerie 101 on kinds of Inners you will need for the kinds of fashion.

Here, today she came up with continuation or part two of her Lingerie 101 video was she has focused on clothes with longer necklines which may go until above your navel and also backless or semi-backless dresses that need even more crucial attention for the lingerie to wear or not to wear inside of them.

Thus, watch on to know what to buy for the current fashion statement outfits and how to wear them.