One Little Black Dress and seven Outfit Look-books

All those who weren’t prepped for Christmas since the 1st of December, are finally getting into the mood of the Christmas festivities. The festivity means a lot of meeting ups with long lost friends and other dear close friends and relatives, ultimately a lot of parties, and with so much gifting in the season for each and everyone, you are already out of budget and have hardly left anything for yourself. In all this chaos, you can’t afford to buy 5 different dresses for five different parties. But it’s okay, don’t rot over it in sadness, you only need one right dress to bring around different looks with your single dress.

A Little Black Dress just about seems the perfect choice to play around with, they are simple, plain and classy and thus allowing you to use them top their fullest using your fashion sense. And to help you through the process Chriselle Lim shares on her Youtube channel, How to achieve Seven different Holiday parties look out one single dress.