Relate with The Superwoman as She Shares the Struggle of Long Hair in Her Witty Way

Are you one of the girls who is every other day complicated about having the most luscious, long shiny hair and then you go ahead and thank them for the compliment with a sweet grateful smile while inside you are counting on all the struggles you daily go through to keep them looking this almost perfect and garnering you compliments every day about them. There comes a point people forget everything about you but your Hair.

Believe us when we tell you we have been there, as much as we love the length of our hair to be bigger in number, we also daily suffer through the numerous efforts that it needs to be put on with to keep them that amazing and that long. Girls with long Dark silky hair are forever loved by all no doubt in that, but there are times when your friends and families too are going to be as frustrated with your hair as you are. But the love will still persist, and people will still continue to give Death glares on your mention of chopping your Hair.

The ever so witty and loving “Superwoman” aka Lilly Singh whose Hair have become her potential trademark apart from all so the awesome Personality she is, shares with us on her channel the struggles of girls with long hair…