Reminiscing On the Importance of Sharing by Making Outfits Out of Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

In this season of love lets reminiscent to the things, we share with our partners. Sharing being one of the most important parts of any relationship. You share your time, feelings, family, friends, personal stuff, emotions and basically yourself and your life with them. So taking sharing into consideration shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone of us.

But, here today, Sejal Kumar came up with this super cool idea of outfits we girls can put together using some of the elements of our boyfriend slash partners wardrobe. So, she went ahead and grab an oversized Plaid shirt, their Jeans and a basic t-shirt and has put together few uber-cool outfits that vary from basic to chic looks. And if you are single, you can always steal something from your brother’s or father’s wardrobe. (Common we all have done that)