Santa’s Beard to Mermaid Braid– Hairstyle Idea for the upcoming Parties

The count down to the New Year’s Eve has began and thus we are sure you have quite a lot of parties listed to attend. Outfits are getting ready and make up is being decided on and last remains the hair. If you are anything like us, than you would relate to us, when we say we can decide on the complete outfit and make up, but always get stuck with how to style our hair for the day. The weather is cozy and keeping your hair down is good option, but might end up making your look boring. Thus, here is a hairstyle that looks complicated and effortful but is simple, quick and would make you stand out in the bunch at the party.

So if are someone with a good length of hair, here is a hair style for you, which turn from a Santa’s Beard to a Mermaid Braid. Curious of what we meant watch on to know…