Seven Exercises to Flatten your Belly at Home

Having a Flat belly is every girls wish, and let us tell you any and everyone of us can have it. Its no far extend dream. But what you need to do is keep patience and be regular with your workout. And by workout we don’t mean spending energy and money on Gyming and other expensive classes. All you gotta do is wear your yoga wear pull out the mat and the laptop, search for at home exercises and you will be supplied with innumerous exercises that are easy to do and can be done right at your home.

We did are little research and were fazed by this amazing workout session shared by, Namrata Purohit, A certified Pilates Instructor has provided us with detailed workout session which complies of 7 exercises to achieve toned belly. The speciality of these seven exercises is that, all of these involve complete involvement of our core which helps in giving the right amount of pressure on to our belly and there by flattening along with making your core stronger which comes as a boon.

Namrata has shared the instructions carefully and clearly, and you will face no problem in following the same.