The Crap We Missed – Monday 2.16.15

It’s Monday’s The Crap We Missed following the weekend Hallmark invented to help out us guys, because before there was a Valentine’s Day we never knew the key to romance was basically just throwing a wad of cash at a woman’s crotch. Amirite, Jack Nicholson? What’s that? Oh yeah, cocaine works just fine as well. And speaking of things that were awesome in the 70’s, but are now just a self-referential nod of nostalgia, the SNL 40th Anniversary special happened, so I included pics in here of everyone who showed up looking like hellish death. Seriously, that’s all you need to know about that thing. Like an asshole I watched all of it, and other than the Jeopardy sketch, the Seinfeld Q&A, and Eddie Murphy thinking the entire thing was a party for him thanks to Chris Rock blowing him on live TV, it was pretty awful. *suddenly remembers Miley Cyrus covering ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover,’ sinks down to floor of shower, cries*
Photo: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFphoto, Splash News′>>>>>>>

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