Three Diy Desi Chokers

The trendiest fashion jewelry of this year have to be none other than the chokers, they have made so much noise in the fashion world with slickness that its impossible to miss out on them. Chokers are worn around your neck which must fit perfectly, resulting in extenuating your neck making it look taller and also your whole frame.

It’s a trend that’s been creeping back thanks to an overall ’90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, everyday cool girls.

The ease by which they compliment almost every outfit of yours, makes it more lovable, and with so much variety in them they can be teamed up with layered necklaces. The youtube is filled with number of Diy Choker videos that we couldn’t distinguish between them any.

Thus, when we thought there wasn’t going to be anything new in the choker family, we came across this super cool video of Sejal Kumar, which is yet another Diy Choker video, but a twist here, since its comprise of three different Desi chokers.

Watch on to know more…