Three Photogenic & Proven Yummiest Healthy Instagram Food Recipes

We woke up this morning and as the basic this generation people we are, grabbed our phone from the night stand to spend more 45 mins of time in bed scrolling through our notifications and every social media applications existing on our phone. Our most Famous one’s are Instagram & Youtube. Which are Yours?

Scrolling through Instagram is the most pleasing and at the same time infuriating feeling, you see these beautiful pictures of your friends and acquaintance doing such amazing stuff like going places, engaging in exciting activities and the most agonizing one, eating yummy food at which are so tempting to look at mocking you in your face with your boring work filled Monday.

While some are brunching and dinning at classy restaurants some take it on themselves to Cook or Bake the delicacies by themselves. Our Explore is filled with these videos and just like us Youtuber Meredith Foster also seems to be going through same and thus she has taken it up on herself to try them. Easy, Quick & Healthy with mouth watering sight and taste here are three recipes you could try.