Three Quick Outfit Ideas for the Times when you are Running Late for Work

Laziness is the core mood of the season, and with the late sunrises and cozy cold blankets cuddling you its not to be blamed on you if you wake up late for work more than twice a week. December, in the month of festivities and holidays work is the last thing you want to think about, but the fact prevails once school is over there is no running away from work and there is never a vacation again. Most of the people will be enjoying holidays but there are few of us who have to work even in the last few days of the year and the boss is never going to understand the importance of the party you had to attend last night or for that matter your reasons to be late home and wake up late. So, we all are just looking for ways to quicken our get ready for work routine to make up for our laziness. Thus, having an easy outfit is one of the most important savior in times like this. Thus, here are three outfits for the times when you are running late for work.